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Change your body from the inside out, with and tried and proven program from over 13 decades.   Pilates by Frankie classes will help you improve your strength, flexibility and mobility.   Join our community

Clients ready for Pilates Mat and OOV Group  Classes

Pilates Mat

Group of five young adults on their backs doing muscle stretching cool down exercises in group Pilates mat and Pilates oov class

Pilates Mat is a full-body workout that challenges the core through balance, strength, and flexibility. This class is a challenging, yet safe way to add increased agility into your everyday movements. Exercises will be performed on a Pilates/yoga mat.  At times, props such as balls, bands and light weights will be added for resistance and support. You'll leave feeling revitalized and ready for your day! This class is appropriate for all experience levels.  Students to bring their own mat.  $12.00 cash or Venmo


 The OOV is a self-correcting device that works as a biofeedback tool to subconsciously teach your body how to stabilize and function optimally.  

If you want to stay healthy, active and utilize all of your 650+ muscles optimally ….

If you are trying to find the right exercise program that will help decrease compression on your back, strengthen your core, improve your balance and your postural alignment,  then the OOV class is the perfect starting point for you!   *Students need to bring their own OOV and Mat. $25.00 cash or Venmo 

Interested in this class, but don't own an OOV?  Contact Frankie here

Pilates OOV group class training
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