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Once you experience Frankie Larsen in her studio, you won't want to go anywhere else. She has an energy, level of expertise and kindness that make you feel like you can do anything. Plus you end up finding that your body can be one of your best assets. I have learned so much and will always make Pilates a part of my life. Frankie is the best Pilates teacher!

- Jennifer W.


“Frankie is very innovative in the curriculum she designs which offers training on a variety of Pilates equipment.  She is highly trained in many facets of exercise related to overall great physical health and has the rare ability to assess the group and tailor the session that day to the individual needs of her students. I’ve always felt very lucky to have Frankie as my trainer!."

 - Deborah M, OR

"The online classes absolutely saved me!!! The classes challenged me, the group support was great, the positive upbeat beginning to each day helped me survive the lockdown and stress. Plus there is this fabulous dynamo red head (Frankie) that defies words!  It's a Win win win win ..just plain do it!!!!."

- Diane P

I have worked out for many many years. The older I get I realize my body needs more than weight lifting and cardio. Hence, I started Pilates training with Frankie. Frankie's Pilates small group equipment classes has taught me: body awareness, stretching, what body type I have.  Additionally, just because your moving slower it's still a whole body workout, and it's hard! I love it! Frankie's expertise, care for everyone and great sense of humor makes her the best Pilates teacher. She is one passionate, beautiful lady!.”
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