Pilates by Frankie has had the great pleasure of helping many clients - here are some of the kind words they had to say

For the last two weeks I've noticed a significant change in my body by doing the online classes, including the deeper dive classes.

- Janice B.

We are getting more than just Pilates with Frankie's online classes.  We are getting personal training with the deeper dive classes, cardio and a continued connection with people.

- Sarah M.

I just began Pilates with Frankie, and after only 4 sessions, I knew I had found my answer to my physical struggles. She has shown me how Pilates offers flexibility and strength to my body, but also relieves the back pain I have had for years. Frankie's knowledge and dedication to her clients contributes to her passion for helping you, no matter your fitness level!

- J. B.

The online classes absolutely saved me!!! The class challenged me, the group support was great, the positive upbeat beginning to each day helped me survive the lockdown and stress. Plus there is this fabulous dynamo red head(Frankie) that defies words
Win win win win ..just plain do it!!!!

- Debora M.

Frankie is very innovative in the curriculum she designs which offers training on a variety of Pilates equipment.  She is highly trained in many facets of exercise related to overall great physical health and has the rare ability to assess the group and tailor the session that day to the individual needs of her students. I’ve always felt very lucky to have Frankie as my trainer!

- Deb

Frankie, your humility has allowed me to not always focus on being so "perfect".  Instead, you encourage my body to do what it can do for that moment.  I know that staying committed to my self care will lead to a lifetime of results!!!

- Amber C.

Frankie Larsen is a wonderful teacher and a very upbeat, caring person. I have worked with Frankie for ten years, taking private training, as well as, small group classes. She has helped me combat my lower back issues and ever advancing arthritis by designing sessions that will help increase my strength and flexibility.   Her training methods focus on correcting bad posture caused by everyday life activities; don’t we all need that?

- Debbie C.

I love your online "dive deep" classes.  It provides an extra boost of energy and target work.

- Jennifer W.

This has been what I have been waiting for: excellent quality classes by my favorite teacher in the convenience of my own home.  I can not believe how in shape I feel, and I have been doing pilates for 12 years, and I think I am finally achieving a more pilates-like body and practice.  Thank you for your warm, personal touches—connecting with each client and making such fun, encouraging, meaningful classes.  Your online classes are an excellent value!

- Jena W.

I have worked out for many many years. The older I get I realize my body needs more than weight lifting and cardio. Hence, I started Pilates training with Frankie. Frankie's Pilates small group equipment classes has taught me: body awareness, stretching, what body type I have.  Additionally, just because your moving slower it's still a whole body workout, and it's hard! I love it! Frankie's expertise, care for everyone and great sense of humor makes her the best Pilates teacher. She is one passionate, beautiful lady!

- Diane P.


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